Pretty pictures need words, too

I recently had the pleasure of working on interior designer Kathy McKinnon’s new website as copywriter and editor. Beautiful, bespoke interiors require more than just money and a few clippings from a magazine. A professional designer like Kathy can take your ideas and elevate them to a whole new level. Based in inner-city Sydney, Kathy specialises in creating unique environments for her clients. Approachable and fun, she has a black book of premium suppliers and specialist trades that she can call on to achieve effects and finishes that are far ahead of mainstream trends. She also knows where to go to source bespoke furniture and premium features and fittings to ensure that your home, office or project is one of a kind. You can visit her site here at:

A large copywriting job

My first building plaque (copy only). Thanks to Creative Director Anthony Battaglia at BoxTM for the gig, and to developers Traders in Purple. To see The Scarborough in the flesh you’ll have to visit the Redcliffe Peninsula, which was discovered by explorer Matthew Flinders in 1799. It was where the Bee Gees lived for a bit in the 50s, and today it’s the new South Eastern Queensland real estate hotspot, according to my sources!



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