What to do in a pandemic? Write, of course!

Now is the ideal time to pull that dusty manuscript out of the drawer (or more likely out of your Word doc. folder) and rewrite it, reedit it, revive it or just reread it. Maybe it’s a draft manuscript of yours that’s still close to your heart? The one that’s got so much potential and has had so much of your time and energy devoted to it. Or maybe it’s the one you simply can’t seem to finish. You know the one I’m talking about! We all have that book, that screenplay, or that project lurking in the back of our minds or filing cabinet.  It could be your first book – the one you’ve never sent anywhere or shown anyone, except your partner. Or, it could be your stuck book. Most aspiring writers have a stuck book. They might have written a book with a brilliant premise and strong characters but a weak plot line. Or they have all the elements in place, but they’ve pitched their story to the wrong audience. If you do have a stuck book, maybe it’s time to get it unstuck? When you shine fresh light on it you might see what’s missing… most probably it’s you. If this post resonates with you, let me know. I’d be happy to help you get your stuck book unstuck. You can contact me at info@kjeyre.com

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